Halloween Humpday: It’s Ham-fisted, All Right

Said in imitation of Mastercard announcer’s voice:

Washi tape   2.99 after coupon printed on flyer

Chipboard letters   1.99 Hmm. Must have had a hard time selling those babies

Teapot Stamp   1.50 after being pulled from the clearance bin

Butterfly sticker   left over from a 5.99 pack of butterfly stickers

acrylic paints, watercolor paints, mixed media paper, and magnetic sheets left over from earlier projects.

Give or take a ham-fisted approach to glue and a few strands of cotton from a q-tip, it’s surprising to see what one may put out after a few casual trips to the art or crafts stores — and a year’s participation in an art journal page swap group.   You may paint or draw your intuitive art, and glue that on a magnetic sheet.  If you’re a fan of washi tape and stamps, then you can get a boost from someone’s flair for design and take the “I get by with a little help from my friends” approach when creating your witchy magnets.


If a ham-fisted attempt to glue chipboard letters to mixed media paper and an equally thick handed attempt to glue that paper to a magnetic sheet doesn’t bother you, then you may wish to enter this giveaway for a pre-made magnet.  Fortunately the glue has dried to a clear finish, but at this writing, the left corner of the tape feels a little tacky. Hopefully, it will feel smoother by the time one winner scores the “The Witch House” magnet  (yes, after seeing Marfi’s “Day of the Dead” magnet, I’ve developed a fondness for magnets).

Drop a comment in da magic box to enter. This giveaway ends 11:59PM CST this upcoming Moon day. Due to the cost of postage and the fact that Sennelier watercolors ain’t cheap, this giveaway is limited to US, UK, and Canada.


8 responses to “Halloween Humpday: It’s Ham-fisted, All Right

  1. I would love to enter your giveaway….and love the “this is not the crazy reader’s comment box. Almost leaves me out of the running…..tee hee, Oma Linda

  2. I love your magnets, witches and teapots, what is there not to like. I think I might have to go and hunt my teapot stamp out to play.

    • Hi Witchy J and welcome to my humble giveaway (okay, that rhyme was unintentional). Thank you so much for the compliment! I got a hunch that I may be getting some stamps out and playing this weekend.

  3. I have been enjoying several 31 days blog hops online and after seeing how wonderfully creative bloggers are, and so generously sharing, I will also be running out to gather more supplies and craft my heart out.

    • I’m so glad that you stopped by to enter the giveaway.

      I was thinking along the same lines yesterday — that it is mind-boggling to see how talented and generous bloggers are. Unfortunately for me, every time I try to get a closer look on etsy at artists’ hand crafted items, I get the “oh snap” page. I think it’s because my browser is so old. Remember, though, before you go shopping, check to see if you can find Internet coupons or flyer coupons for the store of your choice. In those Micheals stores, I’ll go in there with a coupon, and end up spending more than I intended due to impulse buying.

  4. This is adorable:)
    It’s so cute!
    Sorry I’m so late…

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