Halloween Humpday: The Witch House Magnet Giveaway

went out this morning to Incipient Wings’ Marfi. I couldn’t resist adding a white sage smudge stick to  the prize.  Next to fresh rosemary, white sage is my favorite herb de whiff.  I wasn’t beyond unwrapping the package and showing the magnet to the postal clerk. Well, actually, the postal clerk advised me on a cheaper way to mail things, and my peeling apart the bubblewrap to expose the magnet  wasn’t too hard.  Somehow the topic went from hand crafted items to rose maling. Her mom was a rosemaling artist.

On another note, I was pleased — not to mention surprised — to find out a mixed media piece I submitted was accepted for showing in an art exhibition. The gallery is pretty well known in this city. The exhibit serves as a fund raiser for a rape help center. How cool is that? This is new territory for me in regards to artists’s statements and praying that the people who hang the artwork read any instructions you include in the packing. Half of  me is pleased, and the other half hopes that the hanged work bears some resemblance to the piece I submitted.


2 responses to “Halloween Humpday: The Witch House Magnet Giveaway

  1. thank you again for this awesome gift!
    it’ll be on tomorrow’s HH.hugs!

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