Halloween Humpday: My Scare Story Happened at Work

And it isn’t even Halloween!

If your gig is connected to education, then you know that technology — particularly video — is embedded in the educational system.

Today, I was importing a recorded lecture from an ipad into a computer with the intent of uploading the lecture online. Everything was going smoothly when a thought just had to pop into my head. Wait. Let me stop import because maybe I didn’t hit that button. I’ll just start import again. Great idea until a “Error in Downloaded Photo” came up, and the iphoto software refused to restart import.

There is no feeling in the world quite like the feeling you get when you have to tell your boss you can’t figure out what you did wrong when the material is time sensitive.

Some bosses are less than understanding. If there is such a device as an ejection pad that allows a boss to launch an underling into outer space or a trap door that hurls the poor employee into a  bottomless pit, then some bosses would eagerly use the mechanism and praise the evil bastard who invented such a nasty machine. Other bosses calmly take the matter in stride. In a crisis, you find out exactly on which side the railroad tracks your boss strolls.

While Boss went on to take care of other matters, I desperately dialed Apple’s Tech line. Maybe it should be called Apple’s Panic Line for people who purchase Apple products with the intent of learning the technology on the fly. Incredibly enough, by the time a tech came on the line, Supervisor was too angry to answer the questions I couldn’t answer.  Blame shifted from my head to the Apple Corporation itself. Apple products were filled with sneaky crevices, and one false press of the button sent the user spiraling into the eternal, pitiless kaleidoscope of despair. Telling the  tech he would figure out things without help, Boss hung up the phone and hit the disc repair button. Next he synched directly from the ipad, bypassing the Mac.

“Don’t bother with the ‘Import Select.’ Choose ‘Import All.’ “I chirped.

“That makes no difference.” Boss said but tried my suggestion in spite of himself.

It — along with a whispered prayer — worked. The gear wheel spun to completion.

“I don’t think you did anything wrong.” My boss said. “I think until we install updates, we’re going to have trouble.”

“That’s a far outcry from what you said two hours ago.” I reminded him. “Why don’t we just accept the updates?”

“When you update with what we’re trying to do, you have to change the password and do some other things. Nobody is going to want to learn that in the middle of the semester.”

“Oh.” I sure hoped to the Universe if that machine decided to fuck up again, it would do so while the professor or my boss –anyone except me — used it.

In closing, I hope that your Halloween festivities are less harrowing than mine. At least Lady Gratitude Doll is decked out in autumn red and waiting for fun.


2 responses to “Halloween Humpday: My Scare Story Happened at Work

  1. Lol!
    Well at least you made it out alive!
    Thank you for all you’ve done.
    Hope to see you soon!!

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