Thanksgiving’s Founding Fathers

Since we’re entering the season of giving thanks, I’ve decided to spend the next few weeks reflecting on things for which I am grateful. Here are three things for right now:

1) I’m glad that I learned that Thanksgiving was created by the indigenous people of America. For years I refused to celebrate Thanksgiving because I thought the holiday meant “Thank you, God, for giving us the upper hand, so that we could murder the Indians and snatch their land. We especially liked the part where we raped and tortured them.” Once I found out who were the founding fathers of Thanksgiving, I became cool with the blessings of the Universe this time of year.

2) I am grateful for hubby, from whom all blessings doth flow.  Actually, the term, originating from someone in the music business goes, “God bless the artist, from whom all blessings doth flow.”  At any rate, this year’s blessing came in the form of a gift set of Sennilier soft pastels. For years, I drooled over the wooden boxes of 100 delights but thought they were too expensive for me to afford. What a milestone! I should also be thankful for the greed of capitalism. Without the suspicion of consumers spending their money elsewhere, art supply retailers would find no reason to reduce their asking prices of pastels, watercolors, or any other art goody.

3) Thumbs up for the  the Internet. Don’t you love giving and/or receiving hand crafted presents? The Internet brims with ideas and tutorials for making gifts. If you’re good with a needle, wood burning tool, spoon, or paintbrush, then you needn’t say, “Oh, I just can’t afford gift-mas.” Your talent, imagination,  and time will produce lovely gifts for the upcoming holidays (and ya may as well start crafting now).


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