More November Thank You(s)

This week’s three thank you(s) are:

1) I am grateful to Sharon of Sharon created and donated the “I’m a Samhain Siren” in the Samhain’s Sirens giveaway fest. I’m a rotten photographer, so this picture fails to capture the loveliness and enchantment of her work. Initially I tried to hang it in my kitchen but changed my mind. I liked the plaque so much, I placed it in a spot where I spent a great deal of my time when I’m at home.

2)And I’m also grateful to the Samhain’s Sirens. Even if you didn’t win a prize, you gained a feast of ideas for gifts. Being inspired by the tutorial on crafting a pendulum board, I decided to whip out my version of a pendulum board using watercolors, chipboard letters, and an art board. Pleased with the results, I sent the board out as a Christmas gift and decided to make one for myself at a later date.

3) Today I saw a sign that read “Dream Job Interview Workshop” and decided to investigate matters. Because I’m comfortable with my present job, I wasn’t sure how a Dream Job Interview Workshop could help. After all, the sign didn’t read “Own your own witch’s shop with highly unusual and incredibly sublime  toys” workshop. We Aries tend to go for new experiences even if we have no idea to where the experience may lead, however, and into the bank I went. The exterior of the space bedazzled me. The area looked as though it belonged inside a 300-year old house (actually, I think the building was erected sometimes around the Civil War). Though flooded with crisp sunshine and spanking with its fresh coat of sky blue paint and a chandelier here and there,  the spot hardly looked like a bank. Instead of tellers’ windows,  the place had two well-maintained, wooden desks, a handsome bouquet of assorted flowers, and what looked like a coffee bar. The only thing the place didn’t have, in fact, was an elderly Brit with a plate of lemon tea cookies along with a Victorian tea set. On a plasma TV, The Morning show flaunted a skit for those who wanted to relieve themselves of their purses in exchange for Christmas glitz and flash. At that point, the place screamed marketing. The company was doing its damnedest to present itself as a homey alternative to the banks that appeared more conservative than welcoming. We know the business of banks, though, is to make money, no matter the window dressing.  I gave the rep my email and walked out of the financial institution. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the site of that financial institution would have provided a fine site for a witch’s shop with unusual and hard to find items.


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