Gratitude For a Mock Interview

This week I am  grateful to  learn just  how out of touch with job interviews I truly am. I walked into a “Dream Job Interview” workshop, expecting a workshop on how to interview for a dream job. Because everyone has her own concept of a dream job, I couldn’t envision how one way would be the exact way to locate and interview for such a job, but logic was never one of my stronger points.

Right off the bat,  the interviewer and I established what I had expected out of this workshop.  He told me I needed an entrepreneur workshop rather than a job interview  workshop.  After all, ya just didn’t walk into a company and tell them you wouldn’t mind managing a store that sold handmade, bizarre and exotic (non-sexual) toys for adults or that you wouldn’t mind the job of taking care of parrots, he said. Nevertheless, Dave, a recruiter from the national headquarters of the company which sponsored the workshop, and I decided that we might as well squeeze some use from time spent at this session. We thought that we would soldier through a mock interview, using my present gig as a basis.

After my telling him about my experience, Dave smiled. “You are an energetic person, but I’m still not convinced you can do the job that I would need you to do.  Give me ten goals related to this job, and break those goals into statements, telling me how you met those goals.”

I  paused. “Well, we are running into the problem with one of our cameras’ stopping its capture during our importing. When the camera stops at , say, 27 minutes, I have to run it back before that point, edit out the excess, and run the clips together. If the edit point looks clumsy, I insert a transition and edit from that point.”

Dave brightened. “That’s better.”

Thank God he didn’t ask me about syncing, the bane of a video editor’s job, in my opinion.

One one hand, I was delighted to get this free critique and how-to.  On the other, I thought how to score a gig changes as rapidly as the jobs themselves.

In December, this company will hold a resume critique workshop.  Nothing on my resume hints at my experience with parrots.  I expect to hear a statement similar to Dave’s.  “If taking care of parrots is one of your dream jobs, then you may wish to consider getting a job at a pet store — providing you don’t mind working for seven bucks an hour.”  For some that may sound like sound advice, but I have no intention of taking care of psycho dogs that have been punted from a puppy mill.  That ranks right up there with working full time while being eligible for welfare.  Still, the first workshop was fun, and the second workshop may be equally invigorating.

At this same workshop, I was handed a gratitude journal, a small booklet in which I was suppose to write a note of gratitude on a daily basis. Kinda serendipitous, if you ask me.



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