Please Pass the Art

If I recall correctly, an African-American proverb suggested that you’ll enter the New Year (for the sake of argument, we’ll use January 2014 as the New Year marker) in the same fashion as you left the old year. In other words, if things look rather thin this month, you’d better come up with something in a hurry.

That aside, if this month is an indicator, I’ll be surrounded by art for a while to come.  Case in point (or is that cases in point…or points in cases or..?)

1) A well-respected, charitable organization partnered with a store that specializes in educational toys across town. If you bought a spirograph, a percentage of the money spent went to the charitable organization. I thought ‘Wot the Hell. I’ll learn how to use the spirograph and make some note cards with the resulting designs.’ Two weeks before Christmas, the store had sold out of the toy. On the eve of Christmas, I received a call from the store, telling me the new batch had arrived. I had no intention of going out and freezing my ass off for the privilege of forking over some dough.  When I arrived at the store this morning (the temp had climbed to a sweltering thirty degrees), I saw a stack of spirographs marked “on hold” behind the counter.  Judging by the height of the stack, some parents had the same idea I had, and there will be a lot of spirograph-type greeting cards mailed in 2014.  On my way out of the mall, I caught an exhibition of an acquaintance. Her Gaia-theme paintings were stunning with their watercolor softness and rich colors.  Upon returning home, I emailed her and encouraged her to include works in an affordable price range. Some generous people are also the most stingiest people. Go figure.

2) Unwilling to be the recipient of another unwanted Christmas gift this year, I put it out there that I wanted soft pastels and watercolors for Greedmas. Not only did Hubby and his sister get with the program, but his mother frosted the cake with a gift card from Micheals. Any creative person who has ever visited the craft chain knows that Micheals is a candy store that weaves a web for the unsuspecting impulse buyer.  Hubby plans to chauffeur his mom to the local B & N and treat her to an afternoon of book buying — as in, how many books can you carry to the cashier type of book buying.  Some of the stingiest folks are also the most generous. Stranger still.

3) I have two things on the docket for 2014: attending a wheel throwing pottery class for beginners and experimenting with diy pastels.  Can you imagine handing out a stoneware paintbrush holder for the holidays? Or tying a red ribbon around 2 or 3 pastels while thrusting out your chest and grinning, “I made them myself”?


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