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December’s Waning Moon Dream

Have you ever had the unsettling feeling that a dream was trying to tell you, “You don’t really want that”? Last night I dreamed I was between gigs (no surprise there), and I wandered about San Francisco aimlessly. Actually, I … Continue reading


October New Moon Dream

Last night I learned a valuable lesson. Never think about incubi before drifting off to sleep. On the other hand, maybe all those salacious novels I read when I was a kid have caught up with me. In this dream, … Continue reading


August’s Waxing Blue Moon Dream

Teeth yet brushed, hair uncombed, and body stale from a night’s sleep, I stood in my sister’s old apartment. C. busied herself packing my newly deceased mom’s belongings. I didn’t interfere. Rarely did C. and I agree on anything. ¬†As … Continue reading


Almost New Moon Dream

Shifting dreams filled last night’s slumber. In one dream sequence, I stood in a freaky pet shop filled with grotesque animals. The animals were the wrong color (i.e. the purple pastel bunny) or the wrong shape (in this case, a … Continue reading


Let’s Meet On Another Plane

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The story behind this “until we meet again” candle and flower setup lies on the Death Page. If you are versed in the language of herbs — some of which dry nicely — you can select plants associated with your … Continue reading