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R.I.P Mandela

Many ¬†years ago when I lived in Chicago, I strolled along Michigan Avenue when a young chap jumped in my path and handed me a flyer about something called “apartheid.” Because young folks (although he was about five or six … Continue reading


Halloween Humpday: My Charmed House

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I love Halloween blog parties — especially those that last for weeks. Halloween Humpday is brought to you by the marvelous Marfi of Incipient Wings. It took me a while to figure out how to apply her button to the … Continue reading


Go Figure

Maybe the moon waxes in the sign of Procrastination because rather than work on my novella or on one of the gazillion art projects stacked on my table or, Heaven Forbid, on skills related to my paying job, I decided … Continue reading


Thank You, Civil Rights Activists

Reflecting on the idea that this is the 45th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, I felt overwhelming gratitude to all the people who risked their skulls (and any other target murderous assholes could reach), so that anybody could get an equal … Continue reading